The who …

Baden Campbell is the Pseudonym I use when I write.

I have worked in numerous industries throughout my life, from labor and HR, to insurance sales and operations management. These all served me well, and created opportunities to meet people and experience things that would later turn into ‘what if’ moments.

Halfway through 2021 I decided to get my rear in gear and start taking my passion — writing — seriously. There were too many half-finished tales left to rot in files, clouds and drawers. They were starting to call and claw. I knew I had to answer.

So there I went, focused on at least finishing my first novel and putting out a few short stories. Next thing I knew, the words were pouring out of me and I felt the peace and satisfaction I had been robbing myself of pour over my being in waves of ecstasy. The feedback was good, great even.

In January 2022 I took it a step further and resigned, opting for a half-day position which enables me to write more and give my passion the best chance I can to succeed.

So now I invite you to come with me on this journey. Subscribing to my newsletter and blog will give you additional access to my work. Short stories will be provided for free and teasers of upcoming novels and their cover designs will be begging for feedback from readers who will hopefully become friends.


Pain Killer is my next Novella. It follows another member of the cursed Striker family as he steps unknowingly into a world where pain and suffering are a currency, and he finds himself thrust into the role of unexpected thief and necessary savior.

Debts need repayment, and that which is stolen needs to be returned eventually.

A Novel is born …

At 42000 words, The many Deaths of Callum Striker, harasses the fine line between a Novel and a Novella.

I started this book in 2015, inspired by a near death experience of my own. It gave me the “what if” moment authors love to overdose on.

After my 2021 rear-gearing, it was the first work I wanted to complete, and I wrote the last chapter with joyous streams running down my face.

A reaper is owed a life, and he is not taking the debt lightly. In this Novel(la), the titular character fights to escape his morbid destiny, while trying to come to terms with what he as a person has done, and become, over the years since he should have died alone in a broken freezer.

This one will cost you … I have to support myself somehow!

At $2.50, it is a worthy substitute for the candy bar, lottery ticket, or cheeseburger you might buy instead.

The horror of it all …

I am heavily influenced by the main man of horror himself, Mr. Stephen King. My other interests and solid favorites include Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Dean Koontz, Douglas Adams, and recently, Pierce Brown.

My stories tend to stick to horror and thriller themes, as these are what come out most naturally. As I gain experience, I will be expanding and trying out a few different genres. You, my subscribers, will be the first to hear about and read parts of my experiments.

Something wicked …

By far my favorite short story, Heart in a Jar tackles the dangers that loom in a ruined marriage and the terror that secrets can bring into a household.

Horror scale, you ask? I would say about a 7, based on how I felt while writing it. Let me just say the lights needed to be switched on toward the end.

Now it’s your turn to chase up that electricity bill. Click the link below for your free electronic copy.

Portraits of monsters …

With the exception of my first short story, The Boy in the Blue Dragon Skates, all my cover art is done by a family member who works as a tattoo artist by day and a genius by night. Getting an identifying look has been important to me as an author from the start, and his talent and understanding have given me inspiration on more than one occasion when the creative taps were running dry. The links to his social media platforms will be available soon!

My first …

The Boy in the Blue Dragon Skates was the first short story I ever completed, and has undergone a number of edits to reach the final version before you now.

Horror scale? I’d give it a 3, as it gives more of a supernatural thriller feel. It focuses on the ideas of revenge and redemption from a scarred childhood.

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